About – Okwaho Network

Okwaho Network

The Okwaho Network is a dedicated social network for Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples and serves the greater global Indigenous community. It was designed to act as an alternative or complimentary social media outlet for Indigenous peoples to connect and share news and information that matters most. The Okwaho Network host’s intelligent and innovative user-friendly features that set it a part from other mainstream social media platforms.

Its Beginnings

The Okwaho Network came to fruition in the winter of 2014. It had its beginning as a global Indigenous business and economic development social network. The evolution to today’s Okwaho Network is a reflection of an in-house feasibility study, which looked at the overall scalability of the network - from a business centric platform to a true Indigenous social networking community. One year to the day, November 14, 2015, the founders, Shyra & Rye Barberstock went to work on a new and improved Indigenous social network, a network for all Indigenous peoples to benefit from. The new Okwaho Network launched in January 2016.

What makes the Okwaho Network unique?

It was created by two Indigenous entrepreneurs that are determined to help breakdown communication barriers using technology to empower young and old alike to have an online social networking community that they can call their own, something that all Indigenous peoples have access to and can be proud of. It is also a FREE to join!

What is the true value of the Okwaho Network?

What may be of great value to individuals, businesses and organizations are the user-features, similar to mainstream social media platforms, the Okwaho Network has an Activity Feed the ‘Wall’ that users can post to. As the majority of members on the Okwaho Network are Indigenous or supporters of Indigenous peoples, it has great potential of being a powerful communications tool to convey national news and informative messages. It has a Groups feature that also holds tremendous value to your organization as well. Individuals, businesses and organizations will have the ability to develop dedicated local, regional, national and international group(s) using the Groups feature. These member-generated groups can be either set to open access or closed access conversations.

More great features, more opportunity

Another great asset that the Okwaho Network has is its email service. Unlike mainstream social networks where you must login to view any messages or connection requests, the Okwaho Network can notify members via email. What makes this a great feature, you can easily respond to a member request/email by simply responding to your email notification. The Okwaho Network also has a really great Instant Message feature that has the capability of one-on-one and group discussion rooms. It also has an open platform discussion room, which is great for conducting open conversations.

A safe online environment

Lastly, and most important, the Okwaho Network was designed as a safe online environment for its members with many security features to ensure the integrity of members and the network is not compromised. The founders have invested a significant amount of time and expense to ‘beef-up’ the network’s security features and has also placed user security features that are readily accessible. We have a zero tolerance policy for any harassment, degrading or malicious content.