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Sheldon Anderson

Indigenous Identity

Indigenous – Other

Indigenous Community

Bigstone Cree Nation/Métis

Cultural Group(s)

Woodlands Cree/


Victoria, BC

Personal Website

Personal Tagline

Social – First Digital Marketer / Podcast – Vlog Producer / Aspiring Aboriginal Entrepreneur

Short Bio

Sheldon Anderson was born and raised on Treaty 8 Territory of the Cree-speaking peoples, living in Métis settlements, Indian reservations, and non-Indigenous communities throughout Alberta. He self-identifies as Woodlands Cree and Métis with mixed ancestry and is a member of the Bigstone Cree Nation. Sheldon received his traditional name Mistahimuskwa from his great grandmothers which translates to Big Bear in Cree. His mission is to disrupt the status quo of Indigenous peoples in Canada through designing companies built for now.

Indigenous Topics of Interest

Business, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Indigenous Knowledge, Reconciliation, Social Innovation, Social Services, Spirituality

Cultural Affiliation(s)

Woodlands Cree

Okwaho Network Ice-Breakers

Guiding Principles:

– Will get there when we get there, be patient

– Educate yourself but take yourself so seriously

– Create a vision for yourself and work towards it every day

– Use your gifts as guides toward your goals

– Risk in life is like  hot sauce, put that s*@t of everything

– No pain, no gain – you won’t know what you got until the pressure is applied to your life

– Nothing is ever as bad as it seems

– Be radically accepting of human nature

– Be radically open-minded

– Embrace reality and deal with it

Job Title

Digital Marketer


Red Media/The Daily Bear

Professional Website


Opportunities that Interest Me

Making New Friends, Professional Networking

Sheldon Anderson

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